Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Intro to complain

This corner of the web is for people who have been trying unsuccessfully to get a plumber round to look at the water pipes for the past one month,for person whose car has broken-down countless of time,whose shirt had gotten missing or botton crush or received one complain or the other from a dry cleaners.it’s for people who can’t get enquires from train management,airline mgt and government officials.How about that over protective secretary!
Everyone is a vimtim,but this page will teach you how to complain as guerrillas do to get things done.who overtook you for granted the last time now that you are here take the fight to him next time it happen.The most important thing is that you do it with style next time.How to twist the computer’s hands and not to take you like another number but as a human,make the stroppy bank manager to have sleepless night and if is a www.com companies you can stand up against them,no matter how big they are like google.
You have tried to ask nicely,and it didn’t work,so from now on stand up and don’t be cheated,short charge ,overcharge or delayed they have been rude and inefficient and slothful men of broken promises and excuses.you don’t need a public school accent or a new coat all you need is determination.you can now check other pages within this blog

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